Friday, June 09, 2006

A Special Thank You

Army veteran, blogger, and friend of Valour-IT Bloodspite has been working his tail off for the project.

Information on Valour-IT's main website was largely out of date and attempted updates had damaged the layout and formatting. Unfortunately, Webmistress Holly is busy building her baby girl, but thanks to Bloodspite things are looking good! He spent hours and hours (including one sleepless night) finding bugs and sorting things out so that we have can have an up-to-date, professional website. He even braved physical harm, as his wife threatened him after about 10 hours straight that if he didn't get off the computer she was going to unplug it and beat him with it. Fortunately, violence was avoided and all is happy at the Bloodspite homestead. ;)

So, three cheers for Bloodspite! Go see what he's done at Valour-IT's official website, then check out his home--Techography--and thank him for all the work he's doing for Valour-IT.

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