Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Update and Notes

Sorry I've been slow getting things up. Some nasty bug has completely wiped me out. Here are the fundraising totals so far:

Weekend $2214
Monday $2475
Tuesday $3801
Wednesday $5850 (54 donors)

That's $14,340 from 151 generous donors!

Also of note:
  • We have a new sponsor for a wounded soldier who will be paying the full price of a laptop and maintaining contact with the soldier throughout recovery.
  • Our largest donation so far is $1000 from an orthopedic surgeon, whom I would suspect recognizes the need for and benefits of a Valour-IT laptop from professional experience.
  • Argghhh! has an official Valour-IT blogroll up. You can see it and steal the code here.
  • We were contacted today by someone who has a very high-quality laptop that she's never used and would like to give to a wounded soldier.
  • Five laptops that were offered as a result of a Townhall column endorsing Valour-IT last March were shipped today. They will receive new batteries and the voice software, then will be sent to wounded personnel who need them. Our contact also reports that his company may have additional laptops to donate in the future.

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