Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Fundraising Summary, Day 2


As of 11:59 EST on 31 October 2006...

Team Totals:

  1. $9,908.00 Army
  2. $9,659.79 Air Force
  3. $9,050.00 Marines
  4. $6,327.00 Navy
Competition Totals: Over $3336.79 from over 486 donations*

*Includes donors who did not donate through a team, but does not include those who mailed checks

Tuesday News and Tips

Here's some news you can use...
  • Day 1 stats are up.
  • Valour-IT has now delivered over 650 laptops to America's wounded warriors.
  • Make sure people are donating through your team button and not the main website. Donations to the main website are not counted in team totals.
  • Yes, the flyers have the wrong address on them, but it's still a Soldiers' Angels address, so it won't be disastrous is someone sends a donation there. We're working on fixing it.
  • This is a true grassroots effort, so it's important to "get local." Contact your local radio stations and newspapers that you think would be interested in Valour-IT as a story or just in publicizing the fundraiser. It can make both a great human interest story or technology story (online fundraising, online grassroots, etc). You can find tips for dealing with media here. If you "hook" someone, email me or your team leader.
  • Team Leaders and others with major media connections are working that side of things very hard. If you have a major media connection, please let us know so that we're not buggging anyone who's already in touch with Valour-IT.
  • Don't be afraid to email your friends and family, talk about it at your church or community organization, share it with co-workers. Valour-IT is truly a non-partisan project that practically sells itself once people hear about it. So get out there and tell them!
  • Be sure to check out the useful links on the project blog sidebar.
And finally...
  • You guys are all awesome!!!

Monday, October 30, 2006

Fundraising Totals, Day 1

As of midnight Eastern Time we have the following totals:

Air Force: 2,281.79
Army: 3,696.00
Marines: 2,335.00
Navy: 2,027.00

Number of donations: 84
Total received: $11,215.79*

Great start! Today we set a rock-solid foundation for a huge week. Way to go, teams!

*Includes donations unaffiliated with a specific team


It's official, Project Valour-IT has distributed its 650th laptop!

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Valour-IT Fundraising Competition 2006

What: a friendly competition to raise money for Valour-IT.
When: October 30 to November 11.
Where: starting on blogs and spreading everywhere.

Where does the "friendly competition" part come in? We've divided the milbloggers into four teams, according to military service branch to see who can inspire donors to raise the most money. Anybody can join any team, and all the money goes to the same place--wounded servicemembers of any military branch. Team leaders are:

Army: Blackfive
Navy: Chaotic Synaptic Activity
Marine Corps: Villainous Company
Air Force: Op-For

If you're a donor, click on a link above and donate to Valour-IT. If you're a blogger, you can sign up and join a team here, then go visit your team leader for more info.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Challenge to the Navy

Update: Chaotic Synaptic Activity has stepped up!

The Valour-IT fundraising competition will begin bright and early Monday morning. So far the team leaders are:

Army: Blackfive
Air Force: Op-For
Marine Corps: Villainous Company
Navy: ????? Chaotic Synaptic Activity has stepped up!

Yes, once again we find Navy slow to step up. Last year we started the competition without a leader for Navy. Fortunately they found someone after a day and managed to pull it together to be the first to meet their fundraising goal. But alas, they fell a few hundred dollars short of Army in the final totals. Kinda makes one wonder what might have happened had they had a leader from day one... Hmmmm? ;)

All teasing aside, we need a team leader for Navy: either a big blogger or a coalition of smaller ones. Who's going to step up to the plate?