Thursday, November 20, 2008

Valour-IT Fundraising Totals - Day 9

Here are the official totals at midnight on Day 9, November 19 (again, these may be larger than the widget totals at that time, for reasons outlined here). In fact, these totals do not include all checks received, so the actual total is even larger.

There has definitely been an modest but very clear upswing in daily totals over the last four days since the nadir of the 15th, and I expect that to continue when today's numbers come in. I think that means we're still building our ground game, so with a week still to go, I think we have tremendous room for growth.

Let's make it happen!

Total Donors Total Raised
Navy 100 19,605
Army 170 16,848
Marines 71 5986.2
Air Force 70 4703.27
Coast Guard 22 1165.85
Unaffiliated 41 4940
TOTAL 374 53,248

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